NYC Federation of Black Cowboys

The Federation of Black Cowboys was created in 1994 by a group of diverse people looking to share and promote knowledge of the “Black West”. Seeking to create greater understanding of African American culture and heritage, we endeavor to provide educational opportunities for the young public of New York. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt 501-C3 organization. Our Cedar Lane headquarters are located in Howard Beach, Queens. Our primary goal at Cedar Lane is to expose young kids to the art of western horsemanship and the skills required to properly care for a horse. We also aim to inspire the kids with the stories African American historical heroes such as: Bill Pickett, Nat Love, Bass Reeves and Stagecoach Mary. The Federation also works closely with numerous civic and community groups. In addition to the regular programs and instruction offered at Cedar Lane, we participate in work release programs, prison visitations, parades, lectures, and block parties. Whenever the opportunity develops we host Rodeos, Showdeos and every summer we host our Annual Prayer Breakfast. Our long-term goals at the Federation are to purchase land to build a national headquarters, which would include a museum, an indoor riding arena, as well as a library and learning center. The Fresh Air Fund, St. Albans Chamber of Commerce, Gateway National Park, Roy Wilkins Park, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Puerto Rican/Black Legislative Conference and local schools, camps and churches have partnered with us to promote the responsible development of our youth by expanding their skills and building their pride. We encourage you to visit us and take an active role in supporting our organization. Join us in advancing understanding and friendship and guiding our youth to a bright future.


Cedar Lane was named after a grove of Cedar trees that once grew along its southern side. The tree shaded lane intersected with Old South Road, now known as Pitken Avenue. Our Stables are located on land adjacent to a portion of the original Cedar Lane, which was once a vegetable farm owned by Herman and John Brockman known to many as “The Radish Kings of Long Island”. In spite of the urbanization of the surrounding areas, members of the Brockman family farmed this land until 1953. But the increasing cost of labor forced them off the land. The Brockman’s farm is now home to Lindenwood Village, Rockwood Park Housing Development and Cedar Lane Stables. The Federation of Black Cowboys has used Cedar Lane Stables as their headquarters since February 1994.

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